Developer in a new form

An individual goes on to create software and applications. You can see a person who executes source code of a software application.A Developer is well versed with a programming language. The primary job of a developer would be to write codes. They are also responsible to get all information for developing any software. A developer designs and gathers complete process to develop any software.

Reliability of any software would a major concern for any developer. Before launching any software, professional and qualified software do proper testing to ensure its credibility. A developer finds out an error in the software. Quality assurance of software developed by any developer is a must. There is certain industries standard like ISO 9000 or SEI CMM to check the quality of software.  Proper verification and validation by developers are important .The developed software is as per the requirement of customers. There are numerous testing activities like white box testing, black box testing, v model testing, and unit testing and so on. Testing uses to find out the defects of software.

Types of Developer:

  1. Web Developer: basically, software engineers are specialized in developing websites. HTML and CSS knowledge is requiring developing any website. In short time a qualified web developer can create a website.
  2. Desktop Developer: This developer works on software applications that are for Desktop. These developers use GUI tool kits such as Co etc.
  3. Mobile Developers: this a developer who writes code for applications that used on mobile devices. Smartphone, the tablet is some of the examples of mobile devices. It emerged as a most common developer in recent times. It works upon iOS and Android base.
  4. Graphics Developers: Such developers are specialized in writing software for visuals, scenes, gaming,
  5. Game Developer: these are specialized in writing codes in games. There are set of qualified and professionals developers. They do possess skills in designing gaming experiences.
  6. Front-end Developer: They are specialized in the programming of visuals, design, and layouts. It is hardcore software engineering. These developers have great skills includes a user interface, CSS,
  7. Backend Developer: These developers have skills in software engineering. They are specialized in design, performance, and implementation of software. It is one of the most complex developing. They use Java, C++, Python, Scala etc. languages to develop software.

There are certainly more categories of developer. They focus mainly for the development of software. Hardware and software jointly make an application to run efficiently.

The career of the developer is very promising. The qualified developer with efficient skills is important. They have great chances to touch the sky. The developer needs to be updated every time. There is tremendous opportunity in this field. Technology always changes its face regularly. So on developers need to change their efficiency. Developer plays important role in digitalization.

To conclude website works out to be very important phase of the business .You cannot afford to ignore it . The success of the business depends on it a lot.