The Things to check when the AC is not Working Right

Working constantly your AC can face the sudden problem. It is devastating to find that AC is not working suddenly one summer afternoon. You cannot take the heat anymore and you start feeling miserable. At the time, you should take the help of AC repair Houston TX. There can be several reasons why the air conditioner is not working right. There can be unknown cooling problems with the machine. The AC can face technical faults and some problems are nontechnical. You just have to know the reason as to why the AC is not working. Once you know the cause it becomes easy to address the issue.

Clogging of the Filter

The AC can stop working due to the clogged air filter. When the air conditioner is not cooling properly there can be unnecessary clogging of the filter. Due to the congestion,there is disruption of the air flow. For the reason, the cooling capacity of the air conditioner is drastically reduced. In order to make things right, you need to clean the filter. In certain cases, the replacement of the filter is necessary. You need to replace the part at the earliest to make the AC work normally. However, on the matter, you should take the advice of the technician.

The Coils Getting Dirty

The AC will not work properly if the condensing coils get dirty. When the coils get too much debris there is faulty working of the air conditioner. In an AC, the condenser works like a radiator. The same helps in dissipating the heat. It is important for the condenser coil to be clean. This will help in dissipating the heat to the exterior. When the coils get dirtier the AC becomes less efficient. At the time, the machine has to work hard to cool the room. When the coils are dirty the unit will stop working properly.

Problem with the Coolant

When the AC is not working the right way, you can contact the HVAC technician Katy Texas. He is the best person to come and find the fault. At times the coolant will circulate through the evaporating coils and this will help in cooling the flowing air. In time, you can feel the air inside the room going chill. In case, the level of the coolant is insufficient, the AC will stop working properly. At the time, you can call for the PRO for the reason of coolant top up and also for refilling.

The Result of the Faulty Compressor

The AC will not work right if the compressor is faulty. The compressor is the core of the air conditioner, and this is the perfect unit to make the room cool. In case, the conditioner is not working the right way, it means that it may be defective. The compressor is a kind of motor which can compress the refrigerant or the coolant and this helps in the perfect circulation of the coldness. If the compressor is faulty, the cooling cycle cannot start and the AC cannot cool the room interior. This is the time the technician can help to fix things right.